IJ.Start.Cânon - ij.Start Cânon Download

IJ.Start.Cânon helps to set up Cânon printer. It’s the Cânon official online support platform to download and install Cânon printer drivers, firmware, and software. To setup Cânon printer, you just need to visit http://IJ.Start.Cânon and follow on screen instructions.

What is IJ.Start.Cânon?

https://IJ.Start.Cânon is an online platform where you Cânon users can get Cânon Printer Setup to step by step instructions, Read online manuals and get recommended functions and much more.

How to Download Cânon Printer Drivers from http://IJ.Start.Cânon?

Downloading Cânon printer drivers is a quite easy process but it will take a few minutes to complete the download process from https://IJ.Start.Cânon website.

Follow the instructions to complete the cano printer drivers download

  1. Go to IJ.Start.Cânon website using a web browser (default or any other).
  2. Click “Set Up” tab.
  3. From ij start Cânon page bottom, select first letters of your Cânon ij printer, for example; E, TS, etc.
  4. Select your product name and jump to the download page.
  5. Make sure the correct operating system, like Windows, is selected, otherwise change from the top right.
  6. Click Download.
  7. Select Run to start the installation.

Simple Steps to Install the Cânon Printer Driver Setup

To install the Cânon printer driver setup via Cânon.com/ijsetup on Windows, follow these on-screen step by step points mentioned below:

  1. First and foremost, click on the ‘Start setup’ option.
  2. Then click the 'Continue' button.
  3. After that, click on the button 'Next.'
  4. Keep in mind that it will see the detailed latest software and drivers.
  5. Then, you require to select the country or region.
  6. Later, click the button of Next to continue further.
  7. Now, you will get a “License Agreement” prompt on your screen.
  8. Keep in mind that you check the agreement and click the Yes button.
  9. You should hit the option of 'Agree.'
  10. Now, it will start checking the status process of your printer.
  11. Afterward, choose your preferred connection method.
  12. Now, you will get three choices. For example, “USB Connection,” “Wi-Fi Connection” and “Wired LAN Connection.”
  13. Now, then click on the “Select Connection Method” option.
  14. Later, follow these directions; complete the setup procedure.
  15. You are needed to perform a ‘Test Page.’
  16. Now, you will ensure that your Cânon printer is connected and is functioning properly.

Disclaimer: This website ( IJ.Start.Cânon ) is only a guide for users to understand the process to Download, Install and Activate Cânon printer setup, we do not have any affiliations from Cânon printer and any other company related to printers.